Brianna & Nathaniel – Lytle Creek Engagement

Sunset kiss Lytle Creek

In a few days one of my beloved roommates, Brianna, is marrying the love of her life, and I’m thrilled at how the Lord has brought them together.

They are such a great fit, and when you see them together it makes sense. Sometimes when I’m cooking I hear them giggling in the living room, and listening to them laugh makes me laugh.

We had an amazing day together when we drove to Lytle Creek in the San Bernadino mountains to get these images. Great conversation, breathtaking scenery and SNOW!

playful engagement shoot

kissing in the trees

held in love


cuddling on the log


Lytle Creek Engagement

running in the snow

after the race

walking in the snow

winter engagement

before the kiss

gorgeous winter engagement

last walk

jeep ad

spin me

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Tammy and Chris – Ebell Club, Long Beach, CA


After shooting Chris and Tammy’s engagement photos last fall I was excited to document their wedding at the beautiful Ebell Club in Long Beach, CA! Tammy’s amazing dress set the tone for the decor, and the day was filled with a lot of laughter and sweet connections between family and friends.

When I sat down to choose images for this post, I got a little emotional because of how much love is in these shots. Chris and Tammy honestly belong together and the love between them is almost tangible. You can feel it when you’re with them, and I’m so thankful I was able to capture it with my camera!

true love

bride with finger waves

Cindy Sattanni did an incredible job with Tammy’s hair and makeup!

getting ready

vintage bride

groom and best man

with maid of honor - ebell club

Ebel club bride

gorgeous bride


relaxed bride

bride with flowers

father of the bride it begins at the Ebell club in long beach


walking down the aisle

walking down the aisle

happy bride

loving groom

so in love!

the rings

husband and wife walking down the aisle

chris and tammy

hugging the groom

in the window

chris and tammy ebell club

that ring



bride and groom ebell club

succulent bouquet

succulent feast

ebell club wedding


Chris and Tammy entrance

guests waving

so in love


succulent details

succulent cake

cutting the cake long beach

ebell club desserts

hugs with mom

dance floor

ready to go

just married

Hair & Makeup: Cindy Sattanni
Venue: Long Beach Ebell Club

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Welcome Baby Mason – Long Beach

sleeping baby
This is my idea of a great shoot… a plump, sleeping newborn and a playful older brother. I had so much fun photographing baby Mason when he was a just one week old! Those cheeks! So juicy!

young family

baby feet
father and newborn son

big brother

Scott and Nolan

big yawn


family life

big brother

father and newborn


mother and newborn

father and son

>> See more fun shots of Nolan and Megan in the park.

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Dante and Holly – Laguna Wilderness Park, CA

sweet love
It’s always fun to be with a couple who truly enjoy each other. Dante and Holly are a perfect fit, and we laughed and talked our way through this shoot in Laguna Wilderness Park.
laguna wilderness park

dante and holly

laguna beach


sweet kiss

holly with golden light

true love laguna wilderness park

walking in laguna beach

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Jax, Xander, Drake and Beck – Costa Mesa

four brothers
Sometimes during a shoot I have a moment where I think, “I can’t believe I get paid to have this much fun.”

I had a lot of those moments when I photographed Jax, Xander, Drake and baby Beck.

Their mom had a specific shot in mind, and they were pretty good sports about gathering around the little red chair.

But they also had a LOT of other ideas:
– their best modeling poses
– action shots on their scooters
– “surfing” on a piece of palm frond that fell in the yard.

I pretty much laughed the whole time.

Three-year-old Drake kept cracking himself up by saying, “I go boom,” then holding out his arms like a zombie, and crashing to the ground. He did it at least eight times, giggling like crazy in the grass after each tumble. His pants got progressively muddier as the shoot went on.

sweet brothers
big yawn
Sweet baby Beck!

lara and drake
catch me! twins in golden light
jax posing

jax and drake Peekaboo

I go boom

photo bomb!

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