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Welcome Baby Mason – Long Beach

sleeping baby
This is my idea of a great shoot… a plump, sleeping newborn and a playful older brother. I had so much fun photographing baby Mason when he was a just one week old! Those cheeks! So juicy!

young family

baby feet
father and newborn son

big brother

Scott and Nolan

big yawn


family life

big brother

father and newborn


mother and newborn

father and son

>> See more fun shots of Nolan and Megan in the park.

Jax, Xander, Drake and Beck – Costa Mesa

four brothers
Sometimes during a shoot I have a moment where I think, “I can’t believe I get paid to have this much fun.”

I had a lot of those moments when I photographed Jax, Xander, Drake and baby Beck.

Their mom had a specific shot in mind, and they were pretty good sports about gathering around the little red chair.

But they also had a LOT of other ideas:
– their best modeling poses
– action shots on their scooters
– “surfing” on a piece of palm frond that fell in the yard.

I pretty much laughed the whole time.

Three-year-old Drake kept cracking himself up by saying, “I go boom,” then holding out his arms like a zombie, and crashing to the ground. He did it at least eight times, giggling like crazy in the grass after each tumble. His pants got progressively muddier as the shoot went on.

sweet brothers
big yawn
Sweet baby Beck!

lara and drake
catch me! twins in golden light
jax posing

jax and drake Peekaboo

I go boom

photo bomb!

Kyle and Lisa – San Luis Obispo


A day in the life of a family.

It’s a concept I’ve played with for a while — partly because I love the candid shots we have of our family when I was a kid.  And partly because it seems like an amazing gift to give someone…  moments of love and connection seen through my lens.

Although I always take candid shots before and after family portraits, I was excited to implement my vision of spending an entire day with a family, capturing both traditional portraits and lots of in-between moments.

It was everything I’d hoped for… fun, challenging, exhilarating and exhausting!

We started with breakfast, which was, honestly, even more fun that it looks.  After that we kind of moved through the day.   When the kids were napping I edited or prowled around taking photos of toys. Throw in a few meals, some wardrobe changes, a couple of walks… by the end of it I had several thousand images, and we were all ready for a nap.

I did have one slightly terrifying moment when baby Ava got her little mitts on Emma’s star-shaped wand, but I grabbed a few quick shots and then moved it safely away, and I just love the image of her with the star in front of her mouth!

cooking pancakes

breakfast with daddy

emmas chalkboard

baby gate

emma and dr seuss

Sometimes a girl has to tuck her books into the upholstery…

sweet toys

ava in the crib



mother and daughters

emma running

gorgeous family

Kyle and baby Ava

kyle and lisa golden light

gorgeous mom


please knock




Katie and baby Clive – Orange


I just love these shots of sweet little Clive! His parents, Ben and Katie, are always up for an adventure, and his nursery reflects that… hot air balloons, a biplane, and a pile of stuffed animals just waiting for play time.

The last shot is one of my favorites… I know it was just a little stretch, but it really looks like he’s about to punch me. Fun!





Baby Callum – Costa Mesa


I had a lot of fun doing Lindsay’s maternity shoot and couldn’t wait to meet her new son. We decided to do a quick shoot with 8-week old Callum, I love the shots of his little feet, and him being held by Lindsay.

The boys cracked me up, as always, and Callum survived being bandied about like a hot potato by his boisterous and well-meaning older brothers.