Jax, Xander, Drake and Beck – Costa Mesa

four brothers
Sometimes during a shoot I have a moment where I think, “I can’t believe I get paid to have this much fun.”

I had a lot of those moments when I photographed Jax, Xander, Drake and baby Beck.

Their mom had a specific shot in mind, and they were pretty good sports about gathering around the little red chair.

But they also had a LOT of other ideas:
– their best modeling poses
– action shots on their scooters
– “surfing” on a piece of palm frond that fell in the yard.

I pretty much laughed the whole time.

Three-year-old Drake kept cracking himself up by saying, “I go boom,” then holding out his arms like a zombie, and crashing to the ground. He did it at least eight times, giggling like crazy in the grass after each tumble. His pants got progressively muddier as the shoot went on.

sweet brothers
big yawn
Sweet baby Beck!

lara and drake
catch me! twins in golden light
jax posing

jax and drake Peekaboo

I go boom

photo bomb!

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